Vol 31 (2022): Musikpsychologie – Empirische Forschungen - Ästhetische Experimente / Music Psychology – Empirical Research - Aesthetic Experiments

As a scientific discipline, music psychology can now look back on a history of over 140 years. The Yearbook of Music Psychology combines musicological, psychological, sociological, pedagogical, and media-scientific  research with works from related disciplines and thus bundles the different perspectives on the phenomenon of 'music'.
In this sense, the Yearbook of Music Psychology, as an open publication forum between psychology and musicology, not only addresses specialists from the individual sub-disciplines but also a broad readership beyond the boundaries of the disciplines who are interested in empirical music research and fundamental questions of access to music.

Volume 31 is edited by Reinhard Kopiez. Editorial assistants are Nina Düvel and Kilian Sander.

The work on volume 31 is finished. Together with additional reviews and conference
reports, the contributions already published online have now been published as a book by
Waxmann, Münster.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5964/jbdgm.v31

Research Reports

On the Validity of Music Genres as Test Items in Empirical Music Taste Research

Jan Eggert
Published: 11. July 2022

Secular Music at Christian Funerals. A Germany-Wide, Interdenominational Survey Among Pastors and Church Musicians

Carina Lasch Lind, Christoph Louven
Published: 11. July 2022

Perception of Conciseness in Exemplary Leitmotifs From the “CW’s Arrowverse” TV Series – Two Studies in Cognitive Psychology

Marietta Ungerer, Anna Wolf
Published: 20. December 2022

Über den Zusammenhang zwischen Lampenfieber, elterlichem Erziehungsstil und Hochsensibilität

Ludivine Aubry, Mats B. Küssner
Published: 24. March 2023

General Pause: Journalistic Coverage of Music and Time Perception During the First Covid-19-Related Lockdown in Germany

Frithjof Faasch, Mia Kuch, Clemens Wöllner
Published: 6. April 2023

Perception and Experience of Earworms in Music Students and Non-Music Students: Relations With Working Memory, Pitch Imagination, and Musical Experience

Selina Janetschek, Klaus Frieler, Kai Lothwesen
Published: 15. August 2023


Research Communication on TikTok: An Experience Report From a Musicological Perspective

Nicolas Ruth
Published: 2. November 2022